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                        Starting from a small manufacturing facility in 2002 , BT Heat - Chill Solution (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. “BT” is management by expert of air- conditioner more than 20 years , We are considerable to save energy and to be about for development , Plus a combination of advanced engineering and production process practical in accordance with stringent safety standards and  energy efficiency

                        “BT” Products have to Packaged Air Cooled Chiller Unit , Packaged Water Cooled Chiller Unit  ( Cooled Water ), Heat Pump Water Heater Unit (Hot Water)   Heat Pump Water Heater & Chiller Water Unit (Heat & Cooled) . The products of every type and model have passed thorough QC inspections from the factory. By brand name “BT” and the company’s products are purchased sold under different brand names , including Hospital , Hotel , Resorts , Massage , Spa , Industry and up to several capacity.

                        A maker , BT Heat - Chill Solution (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Is very proud to play its past in developing the Thai air-conditioner manufacturing industry.

“ BT “ fully  recognizes  that non-stop product research and development is necessary to ensure continual  advancement , and acts accordingly  along the following guidelines :

  1. Combine optimum product performance and energy efficiency
  2. Develop products with specifications and sizes to suit every circumstances and special need
  3. Accord top priority to safety

“BT” carries out rigorous inspections to ensure that every  products meets the requires standards , Including :

  1. Incoming Inspection ensures that all deliveries to  the company are in accordance with established performance and safety standards , so that they are fit to join the production process.
  2. Production Process Inspection performs regular checks throughout production to prevent non-conformance parts from unintended use.
  3. Final Inspection verifies that all items are of a consistent standard and optimum performance before being delivered to customers

Distribution of “BT” products is the responsibility of 3 principle units :

  1. Dealer Group distributes to retail and whole sale agent nationwide
  2. O.E.M Group produces other leading brands
  3. Project Contractor Group focuses on individual projects using specialist teams

After Sales Service “BT” not only focuses on fast delivery and after sales services , including product diagnostics and parts replacement , The company also helps to support distributor units dealing with “BT Products”   

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