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Heat Pump Water Heater Unit
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Suitable for:

               Hospitals, hotels, massage & spa salons, industrial factories

 Heat Pump Water Heater System (Heat Pump) is used in settings / operations where hot water not exceeding 70 degrees Celsius is required.

               Water heating system is one of the important systems for an operation in many places e.g. hospitals, hotels, resorts, massage & spa salons as well as some types of industrial factories. There exist many conventional ways of water heating that are still used in these places such as Boiler using various fuels or coils, Heater which is the very conventional way of water heating and very costly.


               In order to reduce costs and energy consumption from generating hot water for uses in these places as well as to help conserve the environment, choosing the efficient and energy saving water heating system is very necessary. Furthermore, the water heater with the Heat Pump system is the new alternative, which can replace the conventional way and it is also combustible pollution free.

               The Heat Pump system is the water heating system, which has the same operating mechanism as an air-conditioner. Generally, the Heat Pump has mainly 4 types of equipments:

                1. Compressor
                2. Condenser
                3. Fan or Blower Motor
                4. Evaporator

Knowledge about Heat Pump Water Heater System

What is Heat Pump?

How much can Heat Pump save energy comparing to making hot water by other methods that are:

                1. Boiler with coil
                2. Boiler with fuel oil
                3. Boiler with Diesel oil
                4. Boiler with LPG
                5. Boiler with other fuels

Pay off duration from saving of using Heat Pump:

What is Heat Pump system?

               Heat Pump for generating hot water has the same operating mechanism as an air-conditioning system, they are different however in the way that the heat or the cold is made useful, that is Heat Pump makes use of the heat and the air-conditioning makes use of the cold.

               Heat Pump releases the heat from refrigerant into water. For condenser, refrigerant will be pressed in by compressor with high pressure resulting in a higher temperature. While refrigerant is the gas having high pressure and high temperature, when refrigerant reaches condenser which in this case is a copper pipe in the water, it will dump the heat into water. Therefore, water will have higher temperature. The temperature of refrigerant will be getting lower until it becomes fluid. When refrigerant is fluid and runs through pressure relief valve it becomes vapor with low temperature and low pressure. When it reaches evaporator and receives the heat from the air, it will become gas and continue running to the compressor. The Heat Pump will operate in this mechanism until required hot water is generated.
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