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        BT Heat - Chill Solution (Thailand) is an air-conditioner manufacturer with the expertise in designing the air-conditioning system for over 20 years. The company has been determining to develop its products starting from the production with engineering design with consideration about safety issues, as well as the efficiency of the products in terms of energy saving.

       The company’s products include Packaged Air Cooled Chiller Unit, Packaged Water Cooled Chiller Unit, Heat Pump Water Heater Unit, Heat Pump Water Heater & Chiller Water Unit (Heat & Cooled), these are the very efficient products under the trademark “BT”

Packaged Air Cooled Chiller Unit

        Innovation with most energy saving:

         Most energy saving
         Convenient for maintenance
         Full with chilling / cooling efficiency
         New compact design suitable for all places

        - Used with the air-conditioning system and can be used with many fan coil units. It can also be installed in remote areas without causing any problems. Moreover, it will help save electricity charges and expenses when using with 5 or more fan coil units.

        - Uses cold water in the chemical process to cook or conserve foods.

        - Uses cold water to ventilate heat of mold injection plastic-aluminums, arc spot melding machine, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, coolant, plastic blowing machine.

        - To control water temperature in fish bowls or fish ponds.

        - For melting or cutting metal jobs.

        - For other jobs, which cold water is necessary.

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Heat Pump Water Heater & Chiller Water Unit

        Innovation with most energy saving in producing hot water and bringing cold water to use in the air-conditioning system from one time energy consumption.

         New operating mechanism in one unit.
         Most energy saving
         Convenient for maintenance
         Most suitable for all operating conditions

        - Use cold water with the air-conditioning system or cold reservoir, at the same time, hot water can be used with hot reservoir or for doing other things. This can help save 50% of electrical power when compared to using heater to produce hot water and using normal air-conditioner.

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Heat Pump Water Heater Unit

        Excellent technology, being ahead in design, great efficiency in energy saving than conventional ways of producing hot water

         New circuit system, far ahead in efficiency
         Emphasis on quality of energy saving
         Environmental protection
         Easy for maintenance

        - Using hot water for showering or cleaning, which is used for households, hotels, resorts, massage and spa salons, this helps save about 35% of electricity charges in comparison with using normal water heater.

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